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Best consumer drones – photography, racing and mini drones

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You’re looking to get into drones, but you don’t know what type of drones is the right one for you? You have seen photography drones, racing drones and mini drones, what is the difference? Read below to find the perfect consumer drone for you.

Photography drones

Photography drones are made to take photos and smooth videos, they are constructed from hard plastics and commonly have metal heat sinks and fans keeping components cool. Photography drones are designed to carry gimbals and cameras, anywhere from action cameras to the cinema cameras.

They are not made for speed, they are made to be stable and have a reasonable speed to keep the camera stable and let the user get amazing shots for their YouTube videos or movies. The average flight times of 20-30 minutes since they have a lot more room and space than the other types of consumer drones. So basically if you are looking to be the next aerial cameraman this is the drone type for you!

Racing drones

Racing drones are made for speed and accurate movements, they are constructed from strong and lite materials to keep speed and flight time long, not to say they are made for long flights. In general racing drones only last about 5-10 minutes on one battery since they have to hold motors, ESC’s, an FPV camera, large battery, and an optional recording camera. Along with an FPV camera that transmits a video feed to either FPV goggles or a monitor.

Racing drones generally have settings that have been refined and make the stick movement more accurate, meaning moving your stick will cause the quad to turn at a much faster rate than a normal one. So basically if you are looking for speed this is the perfect consumer drone for you!

Mini drones (practice drones)

Mini drones exist to suit the needs of kids, beginners, and users that are looking to have a bit of fun while flying. They are commonly constructed from softer materials which are more forgiving than the harder plastics used in other consumer drones.

They are great starter drones since they can take crashes hundreds of times without breaking anything or needing to replace anything. Basically if you are looking for some fun or you are just starting out this is the drone type for you!


There are many great drones on the market and we obviously aren’t able to add all of them to this list. If you have a drone you want in mind drop it in the comments and we will get back to you on any questions you have. This article will be updated 3 times per year or if a significantly better drone is released.