AR tags allow DJI drones to autonomously land precisely

AR tags allow DJI drones to autonomously land precisely

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DJI drones are now able to precisely land in the same spot thanks to AR tags and the DJI SDK. FlytBase, the company behind the technology is an enterprise drone automation platform with a range of services in drone delivery, emergency services, security to name a few.

The FlytBase AR-tag landing system utilizes DJI’s drone SDK which includes the DJI Mavic 2 series and the DJI Phantom 4 series, allowing developers to create custom solutions or in this case, an improvement to DJI’s drones to suit a use case better. The drone can land autonomously by using its camera to identify a specific tag on ground and land right on top of it.

Launching a feature like this in the consumer market will hopefully cause drone companies to follow suit, as benefits of being able to land in a precise location are vast. Landing in tight spots and locations without a GPS connection is now much easier but low-light situations will pose a challenge. DJI’s landing feature on the Mavic 2 uses the downward-facing light to illuminate the ground below for the drone to land. Flytbase will most likely need to utilize the light similarly to allow precise landings to be performed in low-light.

DJI drones will all have ADS-B receivers by 2020 thanks to DJI’s commitment to safety. Do you think consumer drones should come equipped with this autonomous precise landing feature? Similarly to drones being required to have parachutes attached to fly over crowds.

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