Is this racing drone DJI’s next drone to be launched

Is this racing drone DJI’s next drone to be launched?

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DJI has just launched its Digital FPV System which includes new goggles, controller and FPV camera and transmitter module. One thing that wasn’t released was a DJI Racing Drone. The new products have been shown off with a grayed out drone throughout the promotional material.

This article is purely opinion and speculative, please don’t take the information as facts.

We already know DJI is working on FPV racing equipment thanks to the launch of its new products, but what we are not completely sure about is a DJI racing drone. There is a possibility DJI has one in the works but was just not ready to launch it at this time. We got some feedback from the users of the r/DJI Reddit page to see what they think about a DJI Racing Drone.

Users’ main point is the ability to build your own drone and the fun it brings with it along with sharing concern about breaking and rebuilding the drone as time goes on.

I feel like most of the fun of drone racing is building your own. Also, drone racing involves lots of crashing which is why people build their own, you can easily swap in new parts. – Dogsidog007

While another user shares concerns of the cost to repair and replace parts broken off during freestyle and racing events.

This is cool and all but my main concern would be cost and repair ability. Free style and racing drones take a beating and are put in unsafe situations. That’s part of the fun. – christianmicheal27

Hearing these factors DJI would have to consider making it seem too hard for DJI to release a product that is designed to be user repairable, replaceable and at a low enough price point for pilots to make the switch. Another option would be for DJI to make racing drones for events only, similarly to what The Drone Racing League to at its events. Have multiple drones per pilot ready to hot-swap in if the current one gets damaged.

One more option, DJI is not going to make a racing drone and instead will certify and test other FPV equipment as DJI recommended equipment can already be found on the Digital FPV System page on the DJI website.

We would love to know your thoughts on this in the comments below. You can buy the DJI’s Digital FPV System Experience Combo for $819 (AUD$1299) from the DJI store.

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