Drone online portal and signage comes into use in Australia

Drone online portal and signage comes into use in Australia

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For the last few years, Australia has been playing catch up with the massive increase of consumer drones being flown around. Today CASA has let us know that drone signs will be rolling out around the country with some additions to the CASA portal.

An email sent out by CASA, it states that over the next few months nationally recognized drone signs will be placed throughout the country, by airports and government bodies. There are currently two signs, one stating that drone rules apply in the area and the other telling you it is a no-fly zone.

Along with drone signage, CASA is creating an online portal where you can get your ARN, apply for a remote pilot license (RePL), apply, and update your remotely piloted aircraft operator’s certificates (ReOC) and attend seminars and other events.

CASA also wants to let you know when taking a drone overseas the laws may differ from Australia’s, meaning you should check and learn the laws before travelling and risking a fine or your drone being taken away.

Once again CASA makes it clear that flying your drone illegally in Australia can get you a fine of up $1500 per offence with a maximum penalty of $10500.

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