DJI drones to aid Chinese authorities to fight coronavirus

DJI drones to aid Chinese authorities to fight coronavirus

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DJI has stepped up to help Chinese authorities explore new technologies to take on the coronavirus. The DJI drones will be used to disinfect public areas around China and have already pledged USD$1.5 million in the fight to stop coronavirus.

The drones will be used to disinfect public areas at a much faster rate than the current methods available. The drones have already sprayed disinfectant over 3 million square meters in Shenzhen and are helping 1,000 counties around China.

DJI has been testing out chlorine and ethyl alcohol-based disinfectants. The disinfectants can be adjusted based on location, weather, and other special requirements needed. The drones can spray up to 50 times faster than traditional methods, something that’s required to stop a virus.

“Assisting on the containment of a disease, while ensuring safety to personnel, was very difficult to do in the past. This was a complete grassroots movement. Users inspired us to take action, and it was worth the effort. It embodies the DJI spirit, where anyone with the access to these new tools can help improve their environment and help society.”DJI’s Romeo Durscher, Senior Director of Public Safety Integration

Drones are also being used in other ways to stop the spread of coronavirus within China. Last week we posted about drones attached with loudspeakers flying around and telling people to go back inside if they weren’t wearing a face mask. Drones have also been seen flying banners teaching people about the coronavirus along with some companies starting to use drones to deliver food and other goods to those in lockdown.

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