DJI Mini 4 Pro FCC

DJI Mini 4 Pro hits the FCC database

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DJI Mini 4 Pro has hit the public FCC database earlier today, suggesting its release is nearing and confirming the drone is officially on its way as the previous leaks have suggested.

Update: The entry has now been updated with files and label images, suggesting a lunch could come within the next month or so.

Taking a look at the Mini 4 Pro listing, SS3-MT4MFVD23, there is currently not much information other than a standard listing document. At this point there are no images or supporting documents related to product testing or testing setups.

Mini 4 Pro release date

Now that the Mini 4 Pro is in the FCC database, it often means the drone is a month, at most two months away from being released. So, expect to see an announcement from DJI soon.

DJI Mini 4 Pro leaks

As mentioned above, the Mini 4 Pro has been seen in numerous leaks of the last couple of weeks. The top new features of Mini 4 Pro include 4k 100fps video, omnidirectional obstacle sensing, 48MP photos, 20km OcuSync range all while remaining under 250 grams.

Source: FCC database