Autel Robotics Nest EVO Max

Autel Robotics Nest hits the FCC, supports EVO Max

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Autel Robotics Nest, the company’s drone docking station for the Autel EVO Max series has found its way onto the FCC database in preparation for a North American release and rollout.

Autel Robotics Nest

Autel announced the EVO Nest in Q1 2023 to support its EVO Max series of drones in remote operations. EVO Nest is a base for automatic take off, landing, charging, and mission planning.

Nest has a 7km or 4.4-mile operational range, 30 minutes fast charging, IP55 rated, comes in at just 65kg, and supports AES-256 encryption.

This update should allow Autel Robotics to begin deployment of EVO Nests around the United States to interested customers. It will be interesting to see how Autel Robotics does with its docked drone solution and how it will compare with DJI and Skydio.

Source: FCC ID