DJI Mini 4 Pro unboxing

DJI Mini 4 Pro unboxed ahead of release

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DJI’s upcoming Mini 4 Pro has received the unboxing treatment just hours before its official launch. A member of the community seems to have gotten their hands on a Fly More Combo Plus package.

DJI Mini 4 Pro is official! Find out more here

Mini 4 Pro unboxing

Watching the video over, we don’t see anything new. The Mini 4 Pro Fly More Combo Plus appears to come with three of the larger capacity batteries, which gives it a flight time of 45 minutes. The drone also comes in the shoulder bag from previous years and the recently released DJI RC 2 controller.

While unconfirmed, the Plus batteries don’t appear to have the under 249-gram branding on them, suggesting using the Plus batteries will still take it over the 250 grams. Maybe the Mini 5 Pro’s batteries will have an improved density to weight ratio.

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Source: @Quadro_News