OPKIX One launches in Japan, partnering with Lightec

OPKIX Inc. has just launched its camera the OPKIX One in with their distributor partner Lightec. The news comes after OPKIX held a launch event in Tokyo, Japan earlier today with products to be available shortly. The OPKIX One is one of the most promising tiny cameras to keep its user in the moment we have seen to date.

The Japanese launch comes around 7 months after the OPKIX launch at CES 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The OPKIX One is a tiny camera which aims to keep you in the moment instead of watching it through the camera screen. The tiny camera shoots 1080p video and has a built-in light ring. The OPKIX One has a single button on it to record and stop and charges via an egg-like charging case. Check out our first look and preview of the OPKIX One.

The news was shared via OPKIX’s CEO C. Lawrence Greaves on Instagram sharing his appreciation for Japan.

Based in Southern California, OPKIX, Inc has designed and also has contract manufacturing facilities to assemble the OPKIX One hardware in Orange County California. The company since its inception in January 2016, has amassed a global roster of investors and celebrities that is unseen since icon brands such as Beats by Dre. The company sold out of its soft launch pre-sale in days and successfully launched at their press event during CES 2019 at a private event they held at The Palms on January 8th, 2019.

The OPKIX team is lead by CO-founder and CEO, C. Lawrence Greaves, he is also joined by fellow investor in OPKIX, Bob McKnight founder and former CEO of Quiksilver.

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