GoPro Hero 7 Black review

GoPro Hero 7 Black review – only camera you need?

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GoPro’s have been off my radar ever since I got the Hero 3 Silver in early 2013, with incremental updates ever since until the GoPro Hero 7 Black was announced in late 2018. The improvements and new features the Hero 7 Black could just be enough to take the plunge on another GoPro.

About GoPro

GoPro was founded in 2002 by Nick Woodman, currently the companies’ CEO. Through its many iterations, GoPro has become a household name and is used whenever action cameras are spoken about.

Later down the line GoPro created mobile and desktop apps to help users easily edit their GoPro videos. GoPro also entered the drone market with the GoPro Karma drone which didn’t go too well as the drone in now discontinued to do technical issues with the flight of the drone.

The Camera

The GoPro Hero 7 Black is the latest flagship action camera from GoPro. It comes with various improvements from previous GoPro cameras and a set of new features that are guaranteed to take your film-making to the next level. From the new HyperSmooth stabilization that actually does what it says to the 4k 60fps video recording.


The release of the GoPro Hero 7 Black saw a new feature to be added, this being HyperSmooth. HyperSmooth has panned out to be a favorite feature for us, the next level stabilization that actually lives up to all the hype.

4k 60fps
The addition of 4k at 60fps in the small form factor of a GoPro makes it a true winner for any type of video you are wanting to create. The flexibility of 60fps to add slow-mo to shots here and it is amazing.

Live streaming
Being able to live stream straight from the GoPro via your phone or the GoPro itself to Facebook live. The live stream outputs in 720p with HyperSmooth as well as a recording straight from the camera in 1080p.

Super Photos
Super Photos is a great feature for those that are waiting for the best products directly from the camera without making any adjustments after the fact. HDR combine with multi-image capture creates a perfect picture almost every time a photo is taken in Super Photo mode.

Improved UI
Over the years GoPro’s UI has drastically changed and improved with every new launch, the Hero 7 line is no different. The easy to use touch screen interview, as well as the simply laid out information, is great. The resolution and the frame rate being place in such a dominant position make it easy to change and understand.


Touch Screen
Every so often while using the touchscreen on the back of the GoPro it will stutter or become unresponsive, fixing itself on the next touch or even having to restart the device.

Warm 4K recording
The addition of 4k 60fps isn’t the easiest thing to do in an action camera, GoPro has done an amazing job at doing this. While recording at 4k 60fps the lens and the surrounding area tends to get quite warm.

The prices of Hero cameras has always one of the GoPro’s downfalls, making them a large investment for some and untouchable for others. GoPros have become more feature packed for the price which is great but we still think it is a little too high, especially with all the knock-off brands on the market today.


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The GoPro Hero 7 Black is equipped with great features perfect to make normal videos look smooth without the need for a gimbal, along with the ‘new’ shooting modes to make some great shots to make videos and social media posts more interesting. We recommend the GoPro Hero 7 Black.

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