DJI Avinox Eurobike awards

DJI Avinox wins first award at EUROBIKE 2024

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DJI Avinox, the revolutionary drive system for e-bikes, has made an impressive debut at Eurobike 2024 by clinching its first award shortly after its launch.

DJI Avinox win

This cutting-edge technology has garnered recognition in the components category for its exceptional performance and innovation in the electric bike industry. With its advanced features and remarkable design, DJI Avinox is set to revolutionise the way we experience and enjoy electric biking.

“The DJI Avinox Drive System sets new standards in the E-MTB world, impressing with its performance and innovative integration of individual components. Featuring 105 Nm of torque and an 800 Wh battery, it is perfectly suited for demanding rides. Its lightweight construction and advanced features such as multiple sensors, continuous coupling, six motion modes, LTE connectivity, OLED touchscreen, and GPS for ride logs ensure impressive performance. Smart assistance and ride personalisation via an app make the system a serious contender against established E-motor systems, establishing DJI Technology as a manufacturer that excels through innovation and quality.”

Eurobike Award Jury 2024

DJI Avinox has quickly gained popularity among electric bike enthusiasts for its outstanding performance and groundbreaking design. This innovative drive system has already made a significant impact in the electric biking industry since its launch at Eurobike 2024. Its advanced features and exceptional capabilities have set a new standard for electric bike technology. With DJI Avinox, riders can expect an unparalleled riding experience that surpasses all expectations.