Nexus Mini parachute for the DJI Mavic costs $2,699

Nexus Mini parachute for the DJI Mavic costs $2,699

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Nexus Mini drone parachute has been released with the promise of keeping your DJI Mavic 2 drone safe in the sky. The Nexus Mini will set you back an eye-watering $2699 but allows the drone to fly over crowds, in Canada only.

The Nexus Mini looks to be you average drone parachute with a manual deployment range of 1km and automatic deployment if a fall is detected. The product’s description calls it a ballistic parachute which uses proprietary fall detection software to detect falls. The Nexus Mini has a 3-hour battery life and attaches to the drone with self-aligning tabs and a security strap to ensure it stays on in flight. Coming in at 6.5oz (184g) the parachute will lower flight time by 2-3 minutes and has a decent speed of 4-6 meters per second from a minimum height of 15-20 meters.Similarly to the drone parachute, we mentioned in a previous article, the Nexus Mini mechanically stops the motors from spinning upon deployment of the parachute. The Mini Nexus will also give drone pilots in Canada to fly over crowds as it falls under the ASTM F3322-18 standard for Small Unmanned Aircraft System Parachutes (sUAS).Do you think parachutes should be mandatory for drones to have? We think so! Any drone pilot that is wanting to do commercial drone work over people or not should have to have a parachute equipped to their drone. We would also like to see commercial drones coming with parachutes from the manufacture much like DJI will be placing ADB-S receivers in all of its drones by 2020.

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