The Pentagon wants drones to deliver emergency medicine

The Pentagon wants drones to deliver emergency medicine

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The Pentagon wants to deliver emergency medical supplies by drone with the help of Zipline. The Defense Innovation Unit in the Pentagon is turning to drones to help support the need for emergency medicines on the battlefield.

The Pentagon is collaborating with Zipline Inc. a drone delivery company known for its work in Rwanda and Ghana where it has been delivering blood by drone to hard to reach hospitals throughout the regions.

The Pentagon hasn’t shared much information on the project between the two companies but gave FedScoop a comment in regards to the program. Stating the two are just exploring drone systems that can help answer questions about improving medical care during conflicts.

“[The Pentagon is] collaborating to experiment with drone systems in an effort to answer questions about how drone deliveries could improve medical care during conflicts, disasters, and humanitarian crises.”

Zipline Inc. can cover around 90% of Rwanda with its delivery drones and has access to heavily populated areas in Ghana. Zipline has already made over seventeen thousand and seven hundred drone deliveries using it’s slight shot drones.

The process to order blood is simple, doctors can order it via an app, the drone is packed and then launches to a flight speed of 100km/h. The drone will drop the package by parachute once over the drop off point. Allowing the patient to get what they need much quicker and since the drone doesn’t land there is no need for extra infrastructure to be able to support it.

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