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GoPro AMFR1 camera hits the FCC, GoPro Max 2?

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A new filing from GoPro for a camera with the model number of AMFR1 has shown up at the FCC today, pointing at the recently teased next-generation GoPro Max 360-degree camara.

GoPro Max 2 (GoPro AMFR1)

Within the last two hours a new listing, CNFAMFR1 showed up on the FCC database listed as a new ‘camera’ from GoPro.

The model number, AMFR1 is something we haven’t seen yet, suggesting it’s for an unreleased camera. This claim is also backed up by the fact that the company which did the testing for GoPro only received the unit, which was in the ‘identical prototype’ stage in Feb of this year.

GoPro has also placed a 180-day confidentiality requests on the internal and external photos, test setup, and user manual for what we believe is the GoPro Max 2, the company’s next 360-degree camera, which was confirmed by the CEO last year. This time period, usually means products will release before the 180 days is over.

GoPro Max 2 features

Since the launch of the original Max, a number of 360 cameras have been released, each bringing new features along with it. For this reason, we can assume that the Max 2 will be similar or even match the latest cameras from Insta360. A recent patent from GoPro focused on automating the framing of 360-degree footage, suggesting a smart editing and auto-framing feature will be coming.

We expect the Max 2 to feature quality of life upgrades and a larger sensor with a heavy focus on the automation aspect. Hit record and don’t worry about framing or positioning, Max 2 has you covered.

GoPro Max 2 release date

The original GoPro Max was released back in 2019, making the generational gap around the four-year mark. Combine this information with the openness to share that the company is working on the GoPro Max 2 suggests a launch might not be too far away.

Nick Woodman publicly sharing this information also suggests that the Max 2 is far enough along in its prototyping and production that the company is happy with it so far, only needing a couple of months more work to finalise features and get the camera in the hands of athletes for testing.