DJI Agras T50 agriculture drone

DJI teases Agras T50 global agriculture drone launch

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DJI has shared a teaser on its website and social media accounts for what looks to be the global launch of the DJI Agras T50. Agras T50 already launched in China last year with a global expected this month.

DJI Agras T50

Shared on DJI’s agriculture X account and website, is a teaser with the title of “Read, Steady, Go,” and a short video of an outline of an agricultural drone from DJI. Matching the video up with existing photos and videos of the drone on DJI’s China website. The closest drone we could match it to is the T50, thanks to the unqiue quad headlights featured on the front and not found on the T25P or T60.

Agras T50 features

From the Chinese website, we already know everything about the T50. T50 supports a 40kg spraying payload or 50kg spreading payload with the ability to spray 16L/min and spread 108KG/min.

Agras T50 is equipped with a forward and rear phasing radar, DJI’s powerful vision system giving it the ability to detect and avoid obstacles while being able to complete aerial surveys in one of two modes, 50-degree sloped survey or an automated survey.

The drone’s battery charge in just 9 minutes and can be charged using mains power or a generator in remote locations. An additional kit designed specifically for spraying fruit trees can be purchased as well.

DJI states the Agras T50 is capable of covering 320 acres in just 1 hour when spraying fields, covering 72 acres in 1 hour when spraying fruit trees, and spreading 1.5 tones of fertiliser when used in sowing operations.