The Air Force plans to use lasers to take down drones

The Air Force plans to use lasers to take down drones

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The United States Air Force is planning to use high powered lasers to take down drones on the Battlefield. The Air Force is working with Raytheon who managed to secure a $23 million contract supplying the Air Force with the laser systems.

The Air Force will be deploying a set of lasers in unknown locations to begin testing of the drone take down the system. The lasers are 10 kilowatts each and will be placed on vehicles and are aimed using a controller that resembles a PS4 controller. The laser systems will be tested outside of the US for twelve months.

“The fact that it’s a laser weapon allows you to put energy in target at the speed of light. It can be an instantaneous heating event.” – Micheal Jirjis

This will be the first operation field assessment of laser technology that will involve a vast majority of the Air Force. Lasers bring the almost instantaneous engagement of a threat in comparison to non-laser weapons used today around the world.

In a recent tweet, Raytheon shows off its laser system taking down what looks to be a DJI Phantom 4 down in real-time using its laser technology. The solid-state lasers can hit three targets at once and can track the drones using its on-board cameras and sensors.

The @usairforce is planning its first operational field test of laser weapons to counter small, remotely operated quadcopter drones. Read from the @washingtonpost on the project: https://t.co/kKejmcOSVy pic.twitter.com/Hq0gqeOIu7

Do you think lasers should be used throughout the Air Force and other military operations? Would you want to be involved in laser combat? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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