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Pierce Gainey – aerial and ground photographer

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Pierce started out in photography when he was gifted a disposable camera, ever since he has been taken photos and adding to his camera collection. More recently drones have been added to his collection with a GoPro attached drone being the first, later on adding to it with DJI’s drones.

The world is full of amazing photographers, videographers and drone pilots, this can be seen throughout Instagram and various other social media platforms. Today we got the pleasure of asking Pierce Gainey a few questions about him and how he came to do what he does today.

How did you first get into photography and drones?

My love for photography all started with a disposable camera that was gifted to me. At that time, it was just a fun little camera that I used to capture all of my shenanigans.
From there, it only progressed. More film cameras to more professional cameras, and my room slowly started to look like the camera and tech aisles of Best Buy. Then my love sparked a new direction: DRONES. As soon as these things came out a few years ago, I was on a mission. I saved and saved and saved until I could finally purchase a drone. At that time, I had to install my own gimbal (device that holds the camera steady) and attach my GoPro to it. It had no live view, no crazy sensors to avoid objects or any cool features that are on all of the new drones. You would have to strap the GoPro on and click record and hope you got the shot. Since then, I’ve gone through many drones, both upgrading and crashing, and my love for photography has grown exponentially. Drones give a unique perspective and can make an ordinary view from the ground look like an extraordinary view from the sky! I used to get jealous of birds since they always got this view, but my drone has helped make this view possible for me.

Has photography helped you through a hard time?

I wouldn’t say that it has helped me through a hard time but it is my creative escape and that is where I find joy. The unique perspective from the drone puts me in my own world and allows me to escape this crazy world we live in. I love the process of photography and drones. Scouting locations, preparing for shots that you have envisioned, adapting to the weather change that you didn’t anticipate, getting the shot and then bringing them home to edit and perfect your masterpiece. That is where I find joy and escape! Find what makes you happy. Maybe that is a certain type of photography, drones, film or even just editing. Find what makes you happy and that is all that matters. If you are doing what you enjoy, others will see and take note and follow along or imitate you! Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery 🙂

What is one thing photography has taught you over the years?

Patience. There will be times where I set up for a certain shot and then BAM, the weather shifts on you ina flash and all this preparation has gone to waste. There will be times where I think I am getting the shot to only discover once I am home that the shot is not what I anticipated or wanted and sometimes not even usable. I currently have terabytes of photos, unedited and unused due to the fact that they weren’t what I anticipated. So patience is something that photography has taught me over the years. Do not let a lousy shoot get the best of you. Wake up and do it again until you get it right!


What would you say to people who are thinking about or are too scared to show off their work?

Your work is your work. Art is something that is so hard to judge because everyone’s view is so different. One thing that may look good to me, may look terrible in your eyes. Don’t let others bring you down. Post your beautiful artwork and be proud of what you have created. You will only get better and you need to take a leap of faith in order to change your perspective. It only gets easier and you just have to filter out the people who don’t appreciate it and move forward.

Who inspires you?

I have so much inspiration and luckily you can have that at your fingertips on Instagram or any other social media. My biggest inspiration is just seeing God’s beauty in this world and what all is out there. The world is full of wonder and mystery and we just need to go out and find it!


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