GDU SAGA review

GDU SAGA review – drone with big promises, flawed

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Industrial drones have been slowly making there way to the market over the last few years, GDU is adding to the list with the GDU SAGA industrial drone. GDU’s take on the industrial drone with various payload options available. All of these factors could possibly mean we finally make the switch over from the more popular choice.

About GDU

Headquartered out of Shenzhen, China GDU is focused on specialized hardware and software solutions for drone relates technologies. GDU’s first drone being the GDU O2, which won the 2016 CES design award.GDU has continued to create high level drones with the release of the GDU O2 Premium edition, GDU BYRD and the new GDU Saga industrial drone.

GDU Saga test 1
GDU Saga test 1
GDU Saga test 6
GDU Saga test 6

Payload optionsThe GDU SAGA has the ability to use a range of payloads to increase the uses for the drone, these include a 4K camera, infrared camera, single lens reflex camera, 10x and 30x zoom cameras, a megaphone, a floodlight, gas detector, and a release canister.Easy to use softwareThe mobile app is easy to use and easy to understand, with a live feed from the attached camera or payload options as well as a map to show the current position of you and the drone. You are able to adjust camera settings, check flight statistics, smart flight modes and more of the drones settings.Great controllerThe controller of the GDU SAGA has a solid feel to it and ensures confidence while we fly. The hefty weight to it, quality of the buttons and other control interfaces, as well as the ability to charge your device while flying, makes the controller one of the best parts of flying.Flight qualityThe quality of the flight overall is great, we feel safe when flying the SAGA. The drone is easy to fly, a quick maneuverer and very responsive to the stick movements on the controller. That being said the hover can be a little drifty at times.Battery lifeThe GDU SAGA has a flight time of 40 minutes using its 12000mAh battery making it the perfect drone to use in for various operations commercial and industrial. This of course also depends on the payload that you are using as well.


Build quality / plasticsThe overall build quality of the drone is great but a few of the parts seem to be flimsy and a little weak. For example, while the drone’s props are speeding up the arms will flex from the frame of the rest of the drone.Android app crashes on take offAs a drone that has most of its functionality via a mobile app, it is crucial to all operations that it works every time it is used. This is unfortunately not the case for the GDU Saga which at takeoff causes the Android app to crash every single time.NitpicksThe charging connectors aren’t marked meaning that you could plug the cable in backward causing the battery not to charge correctly. The drone doesn’t seem to be completely finished up, as there seems to be molding holes and marks around the drone. The drone came with a few scratches and a loose light cover, but this could be as it is a review unit and possibly previously used.


As the GDU SAGA is an industrial drone it means we can’t exactly recommend it to any of you. The GDU SAGA is a great drone but can do with some improvements to make it compete with other high-end industrial drones. If you would like more information or would like to purchase the GDU SAGA please send an email to this email address: sales@gdu-tech.com. If you are looking to get a drone from GDU, you can check them out here.If you are looking for more information, have any questions or would just like to get in touch feel free to leave a comment down below or via one of our social media accounts.