Mathew Vaia of Remdrone shares his drone success

Mathew Vaia of Remdrone shares his drone success

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In a recent article we wrote for the team over at Soar we asked Mathew Vaia of Remdrone a few questions about drones and his successful drone business out of rural Western Australia.

Mathew is the owner and drone pilot of his company, Remdrone. Remdrone focus on infrastructure inspections, mapping, 3D point clouds and promotional media for companies.

First we learn’t how Mathew got into drones by seeing areas in his work place that could be made safer and more efficient through the use of drones.

I’ve spent the past 5 years in the Mining industry and at one point I was reading an article on how drones were being utilized for inspection tasks, removing the working at heights risk and being more efficient/cost effective. From that point on I started to notice in my own workplace (a large site which employees over 1000 people) examples of working at heights risks that I knew were no longer necessary due to this technology now being more widely available. I immediately started looking up everything that would be required to become a legitimate UAV Pilot and started saving for my licence and first bit of equipment to get me going.

Mathew also shares what it takes to create a successful drone business, sharing his experiences of networking and understanding the industry.

In my case, I would say networking. I have spent a lot of time networking through the Kalgoorlie-Boulder Chamber of Commerce, going to forums for small business’ in Kalgoorlie, technical talks relating to the Mining Industry and making connections wherever possible. This has helped me understand the challenges that local mining companies and other business’ in Kalgoorlie need to overcome and has given me a great opportunity to present a solution to those key people.

To read the full article head over to Soar’s medium page.

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