DJI’s racing drone might be coming soon

DJI racing drone might be coming soon

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DJI is the market leader when it comes to drones that take photos and videos but are not quite there with the racing drone market. Is this about to change? DJI have various products designed for racing drones but this time might be its big break into the drone market thanks to FCC filings found by DroneDJ.

UPDATE – DJI has just released its new Digital FPV System but a drone could still be in the works. You can buy the DJI’s Digital FPV System Experience Combo for $819 (AUD$1299) from the DJI store.

FCC filings have revealed DJI to be working on more new drone-related technologies consisting of FPV goggles, an FPV Remote Controller and an FPV Air Unit, there is no mention of a drone.

The FPV Goggles will most likely be similar to DJI’s current FPV goggles in terms of technology but a smaller package similar to FatShark‘s FPV goggles. The FPV Remote Control will be similar in size to the Phantom 4’s controller with a few added programmable switches and features catered to racing drones. The FPV Air Unit will likely be an FPV camera, receiver and telemetry system all in a single package. Saying this everything should be plug and play due to DJI’s user-friendly track record.

As a drone is not mentioned in the FCC filing we can’t be sure one will be released but from the past, we can make the assumption a racing drone from DJI will most likely be released alongside these new FPV components if not a future event.

Here’s a few possible reason:

  • DJI are a market leader and racing drones would help to sustain its position
  • DJI wants to capture a largely untapped market for them
  • Drone racing is huge, seen by the DRL being streamed on ESPN – read our interview with NURK FPV to learn more about the DRL
  • DJI wants to make a drone for everyone

Share your thoughts with us in the comments below. We’d love to know if you would use a DJI racing drone over other dominant brands that are currently available. Are you excited for DJI’s FPV equipment, would you use it?

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