UBER AIR – delivering your food by drones

UBER AIR – delivering your food by drones

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Uber Air, the drone ridesharing company is testing out a new delivery method for its food delivery company, Uber Eats. Uber plans to take to the skies with its drones and your food to a drop off location for a courier to then deliver it to you.

Uber Air plan to deliver your food using its drones to a designated drop off location and then have a Uber Eats courier to pick up the food and deliver it to your door. Uber’s plan is not the usual drone delivery method used by other companies like Wing Aviation and Amazon Air. This project is still in the early stages so don’t expect to see an Uber Air delivery drone delivering your food soon.

Uber is still awaiting approval from the FAA to take the current test they are doing and make them more reflective of its result. Uber Air is continuing to work with the FAA to create a safer and more reliable drone and its respective systems to ensure customers and couriers can get the food safely with no damage caused in the process.

Uber Air is also planning on creating an on-demand rideshare service allowing customers to travel by air in an unmanned aircraft, meaning faster travel times and less traffic. Uber plans to have ridesharing drones being tested in Sydney, Australia by next year and are hoping to have more flights coming in the following years.

Watch the video below for more on the subject:

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