Fat shark is entering the HD FPV world, competing with DJI

Fat shark is entering the HD FPV world, competing with DJI

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Premium FPV headset maker Fat Shark has announced it’s plan on social media to launch its HD FPV system alongside DJI’s Digital FPV System. Fat Shark’s new HD FPV system goes by the name Byte Frost backed by some impressive specs.

UPDATE – DJI has just released its new Digital FPV Systembut a drone could still be in the works. You can buy the DJI’s Digital FPV System Experience Combo for $819 (AUD$1299) from the DJI store.

The news comes after Fat Shark posted to its social media accounts earlier this week with a post title of “STRAIGHT OUTTA CHINA!”

Fat Shark’s Facebook post mentions a few key factors the Byte Frost HD FPV system includes. The Byte Frost delivers ‘near-zero’ latency at 720p 60fps to the Fat Shark HDO and HD3 headsets. The Byte Frost will also support more headsets at a later date. The Byte Frost will come in at 30×30 supporting current standard FPV drone stacks meaning an easier time integrating the new system.

Byte Frost will deliver near-zero visible latency High Definition 720p 60fps video on your Fat Shark HDO’s, HD3’s and more. Our 30×30 stack and sleek camera housing will make the conversion of your fleet a breeze, and all for a price point that will make the transition feasible at the same time.

Fat Shark also stated that it is currently getting review units ready to send out opening up the possibility that there will be full reviews by the time the Byte Zero is released.

We are boxing up our review models in the next two weeks… get ready for real reviews and authentic comparisons from the reviewers you trust in the next few weeks.

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