Wing Aviation could be delivering hot coffee to your address!

Wing Aviation could be delivering hot coffee to your address!

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Google’s drone delivery company Wing Aviation has announced it will soon be delivering bread, coffee and food items by drone to houses in Logan, Queensland. Wing hopes to focus this new delivery venture at families with young kids.

Announced earlier this week in an article published by Wing Aviation, Wing let us in on its plan to expand its delivery program in Australia by moving into to Logan, Queensland. Wing will be delivering fresh bread, hot coffee and small food items to eligible households. Specific suburbs include Marsden and Crestmead with more to follow.

Wing Aviation has chosen Logan based on data it collected throughout its previous drone deliveries. The results show that families with young kids favored drone delivery over the pain of having to buckle the kids up in the car, manage them while shopping and bring them back home. Wing is also hopeful its drone delivery service will reduce traffic and improve the air quality in the area.

Why Logan? One of the things we’ve learned from our first several thousand deliveries in Australia is that families with young children seem to particularly enjoy our service. They tell us the convenience and ease of air delivery saves them having to bundle the kids up in the car to drive to the shops. Logan has a booming population of young families, and we’re excited to see if they find drone delivery as beneficial as other Australian parents. Logan is also one of Australia’s fastest growing areas, we also believe our air delivery service can help reduce the traffic congestion and air pollution that often accompany such growth.

Logan was also chosen by Wing due to Queensland being the leader in drone technology in Australia as well as hosting the World of Drones Congress, creating a meeting place for drone experts worldwide. To be apart of Wing’s drone delivery you can sign up right now.

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