Skydio’s R2 drone test footage looks amazing

Skydio R2 drone test footage looks amazing

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Skydio has released test footage from its upcoming Skydio R2 drone that looks amazing for an autonomous drone. The video shows the new drone showing off its new flight algorithm along with some cool flight maneuvers to keep the footage engaging.

Learn more about the Skydio 2 here.

In a message sent to subscribers, Skydio shared a message explaining the difficulties that come with building and testing a fully autonomous drone while creating stunning footage that is usable. Further, in the message, Skydio explains new flight algorithm it has created and the new way it works to ensure the R2 tracks the object while keeping the footage cinematic.

Building a drone that can actually fly itself and avoid obstacles is an incredible challenge. Now we’re raising the bar again on what a self-flying drone can do and how incredibly cinematic its video can be. How? We’ve developed an entirely new and breakthrough flight algorithm. With this, the drone can do so much more than just avoid crashing. Now it can determine exactly where and how to fly to get the most stunning cinematic shots possible. The type of shots that until now only expert pilots were capable of capturing. Improved autonomy is just one of many advancements that make our next drone, Skydio 2, awesome. We can’t wait to show you more. – Skydio

The footage opens with a chase shot of a dirt biker being fully tracked using the Skydio R2’s tracking system and object detection algorithm. The video goes onto a fly away shot on an island and finally a shot of a mountain biker chasing the drone.

Skydio releasing the footage was 100% a great thing to do as it has now created hype for the final product. We are excited for and we know you will be too.

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