Victoria is getting 50 drones for its unnamed air unit

Victoria is getting 50 drones for its unnamed air unit

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Victoria will be getting a set of 50 drones over the next year to help build out its unmanned air unit. The air unit is going to change the way officers attend crime scenes, manage emergencies, search and rescue, and public surveillance.

Victoria is planning to introduce drones into its task force to improve the efficiency and how everyday work is completed. The plan is to get 50 drones which will be able to be operational 24/7 and be equipped with normal cameras and night vision cameras, presumably thermal cameras as well.

The introduction of the drones will bring along five new positions as well as train up to seventy specialists drone operators throughout Victoria. Rural operators and search and rescue teams will also be trained to operate the new drones.

The overall cost of the implementation will cost around AUD$400,000 but will allow Victoria police to keep the community safe, hunt down criminals and solve crimes.

“As technology and crime fighting evolves, Victoria Police are using specialist drones to help keep the community safe, catch criminals and solve crime.” – Lisa Neville

Police use drones to keep costs low and increase overall efficiency similar to drones being used in the mining industry. Drones come with many benefits as well as improving the overall safety of the job, allowing a drone to enter a dangerous environment instead of a police officer. Drones are also able to monitor situations without being spotted from above using a zoom lens and high altitude.

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