DJI RoboMaster S1 is now available in Australia

DJI RoboMaster S1 is now available in Australia

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DJI’s first education robot is now available for purchase in Australia. The RoboMaster S1 is the first ground-based robot from drone giant DJI created with education in mind, allowing kids to build the robot from the ground up as well as coding it to do what they want it to.

From today the DJI RobotMaster is available to purchase via the DJI store for AUD$899.

The RoboMaster is a build it yourself robot that can be programmed with Python and Scratch code with more integrate moves being coded in C/C++. The DJI RobotMaster S1 is also equipped with a blaster that can shoot a laser or gel beads when fighting against another RobotMaster S1.

DJI will be introducing new features this November which allows you to use your RoboMaster S1 as an intercom, additional S-bus ports will also be available allowing 3rd party controllers and accessories to be used alongside the RoboMaster S1.

The RobotMaster S1 is able to do the following thanks to its machine vision capabilities:

  • Line Follow: Create a fun and interactive course and map out the path desired for the S1. Program Line Follow through the RoboMaster app and the S1 will automatically follow the line.
  • Vision Marker Recognition: The S1 can recognize up to 44 Vision Markers, including numbers, letters, and special characters, which opens more potential for coding, combat, and training.
  • Follow Mode: Built into the RoboMaster app, the S1 can identify and follow a person selected in the S1’s field of vision.
  • Clap Recognition: A built-in clap recognition module on the S1 can be programmed for unique responses based upon clap quantity.
  • Gesture Recognition: The S1 can be programmed to recognize an array of physical hand gestures similar to some DJI drones.
  • S1 Recognition: The S1 can recognize other S1 units and perform unique movements based on how it is programmed.