DJI Osmo Mobile 3 review – a must have gimbal

DJI Osmo Mobile 3 review – a must have gimbal

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The DJI Osmo Mobile 3 is DJI’s third attempt at a smartphone gimbal and it’s pretty damn close to perfect. DJI is known for its high-quality drones and commercial grade gimbals. The same goes for the DJI Osmo Mobile 3.

The Osmo Mobile 3 works on the previous versions of the product and customer feedback to create a near-perfect gimbal for everyone. To me, the Osmo Mobile 3 is one of those things that you will always want to have on you or in your backpack ready to use in a moment’s notice.

We recommend the DJI Osmo Mobile 3 to everyone! Osmo Mobile 3 is the perfect companion for your phone whether you are on holiday or are getting into the media scene and only have your phone to use. The features and the great price of the Osmo Mobile 3 make it the perfect gimbal for beginners and travelers alike.


Ease of use

Like all of DJI’s other products, the Osmo Mobile 3 is easy to use and even easier to pick up. The Osmo Mobile follows the rest of DJI gimbals with similar controls and an easy to navigate the mobile app.

Foldable/portable design

The Osmo Mobile 3 comes with a new foldable design from previous generations. The folding mechanism is well thought out and easy to use and allows for the DJI Osmo Mobile 3 to be packed into tighter and smaller spots.

Great price

The Osmo Mobile 3 comes in at a great price of $119 (AUD$159) with the combo version going for $20 (AUD$30) more. At this price range, there is nothing else like it on the market and is a definite buy!


Built-in battery

The Osmo Mobile 3 comes with a battery built directly into the grip, making a portable charger a requirement if wanting to use it on a longer shoot or for extended amounts of time.

Tripod is an extra

Having the ability to use the Osmo Mobile 3 while we were testing it was a great feature to have but unfortunately the tripod is extra and can be purchased with the combo version of the gimbal.

App connection issues

During our use with the Osmo Mobile 3, we were faced with a few issues trying to connect to the gimbal. We noticed the phone would tend to not connect to the gimbal straight away and would require an app restart. This could be an Android-only issue.

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Thanks to DJI for sending out the Osmo Mobile 3 for us to take a look at.