Rode NT-USB Mini review

Rode NT-USB Mini review – the perfect podcast microphone?

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The NT-USB Mini from Rode is a sleek, compact, USB microphone perfect for streamers, content creators, and those looking to get into podcasting. Let’s take a look at the quality of the microphone and if it lives up to the standard set by the original NT-USB.

As the name states, the NT-USB Mini is a smaller version of the original NT-USB microphone from rode. Along with the smaller size, a few other changes were made, including the new USB-C connection, magnetic stand, and the in-built pop filter. The marketing also states the microphone produces studio-quality sound and has a built-in 3.5mm jack to monitor the audio.

Rode NT-USB Mini microphone review & first look - dronenrMagnetic stand

The NT-USB Mini uses a magnetic stand to keep the microphone upright. While using the microphone, I found that the magnets aren’t the strongest in the world, causing it to become loose from the base when moving it. The microphone does come with an adapter that allows you to connect it to an external microphone stand or arm if you are looking for something like that.The stand also allows the microphone to rotate vertically 360 degrees with the power cable carefully designed to not hit the mount when rotated. You can also swivel the microphone horizontally about 35 degrees either side.

Taking control

To listen to the sound coming out of the microphone without using extra software, the microphone comes with a headphone jack that can be controlled by the volume dial and a satisfying push button to turn on and off the audio monitoring. When using the mute button, you have to press it in from the center to ensure it registers.

Sound quality

The sound coming out of the microphone is great for the price and has a warm sound to it. The in-built pop filter ensures the harsh sounds don’t transfer as much to the microphone and gives the audio a more professional sound. The microphone uses a high-quality condenser capsule that isn’t affected by RF interference. The NT-USB Mini also has a built-in 24-bit, 48KHz A/D conversion circuit to keep the audio quality high. If you are looking for a sound test, you can head over to the YouTube video above to hear the sound quality.


You can pick up the Rode NT-USB Mini for $99 (AUD$149) from all major retailers via the Rode website. In the box, you get the microphone, a USB-A to the USB-C power cable, a magnetic microphone stand, and an adapter for other mounts.

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