Skullcandy Push Ultra review

Skullcandy Push Ultra review – an okay pair of wireless earbuds

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The Skullcandy Push Ultra is one of the company’s more expensive earbuds with a focus on sports, but does the performance match the AUD$249 ($100) price? Let’s find out in this review of the Skullcandy Push Ultra wireless earbuds.

In the package

The packaging for this pair of earbuds is much better than the Evo series, the experience feels much more luxurious and thought out. In the box, you get the earbuds themselves, the rubberized charging case, and the USB-C charging cable. That’s right, there are no extra earpieces to get the fit just right.

Skullcandy Push Ultra unboxing & first look - dronenrThe important bits

The Push Ultra has an advertised battery life of 40 hours combined with the buds themselves have around six hours of listening time before plugging into the case is required. The buds are also able to provide you with sound for two hours off a 10-minute charge.Since the Push Ultra earbuds don’t create a seal with the ear, you can hear the world around you, and the world can hear your music when close by. The lack of a seal also means it is hard to get the same sound coming out of both buds, making the listening experience less than ideal. Therefore, the audio coming out of these lack base and sound washed out for a majority of the time.

Listening features

The Push Ultra’s come with an ambient mode allowing you to hear the sound around you using the mics. It works great and does exactly what it’s advertised to do. The buds also come with three listening modes, music, movie, and podcast. I was never able to switch between the two but from what I can tell, they are specific EQs to make music, movies, and podcasts sound better.

USB-C & wireless charging

The USB-C charging port is a welcome inclusion for the earbuds. No longer do you need multiple USB cables to charge all your devices unless you have an iPhone. The wireless charging is also a great feature to have to allow you to just drop the earbuds on the charging pad and forget about them.

Find them with Tile

When I first saw the headphones featured Tile in them, I thought it would be one of those gimmicks you try once and never again. When I tried it though, it was impressive. You lose your earbuds, open the Tile app, and walk around until you find it with the help of a guide showing how far away you are.This time around both earbuds can be linked to the Tile app, unlike the Indy Evo’s which only allow you to connect the left one. To use the finding functionality, you are required to download the Tile app even though there is a Skullcandy app already, this might not be an issue if you already use Tile. It would be great to have it packed all into one app.

Skullcandy app

Many companies introduce companion apps with their products to provide a richer experience with the product. This is something Skullcandy seems to be lacking in with the Indy Evo. While using the app the only feature that you can use is the ambient mode, which can also be activated on the earbuds themselves. The app also tells you what listening mode you are in, but you aren’t able to change it.I would like to see the listening modes to be changeable within the app and possibly have the Tile integration right in the app so those that don’t use Tile don’t have to download another app. It would also be nice to be able to change the tap settings of the earbuds.

The verdict

If you need a pair of earbuds but need to hear the world around you, then these are a great pair of wireless earbuds for you. If you are looking for decent audio and sound isolation, I’d suggest you check out my review of the Indy Evo’s, which are much better on this front.You can pick up the Push Ultra’s right now for as low as AUD$157 on Amazon or for $99 if you are in the US.Thanks to Skullcandy for sending out the Push Ultra’s for review.

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