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OPKIX Inc brings the OPKIX One camera to Australia & NZ

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OPKIX has announced it will be bringing its OPKIX One tiny camera to Australia and New Zealand. The camera will be in stock towards the end of 2020, with more stockists coming on board in 2021.

Rob Banks, owner of S&S Distribution shared:

“We are excited about bringing OPKIX to market here in Australia and New Zealand. Many of the brand’s investors and ambassadors are local. Now we’re taking the next step by bringing the product to market.”

The OPKIX One is a lifestyle camera used to document a user’s lifestyle on and beyond social media. It is designed to be worn so you can put your phone down and be present in the moments you capture. The company wants video to get social.

That’s why they made their systems with two cameras per system so that you can capture two points of you for every moment, forwards and backward POV, or two friends wearing one camera each to document life’s best moments.

Sven Radavics, SVP & GM International Sales followed with:

“OPKIX is growing, and we are excited to bring on Rob and his organization to represent the brand in his region. We continue to seek strategic partners who are a good fit and can represent the brand in select markets.”

You can check out the camera specs below:

  • Resolution _ 1920 x 1080 HD video quality @30 fps
  • Record Time _ 15 minutes continuous per camera
  • Per Camera Storage _ 4GB and 15 minutes of video
  • Egg Storage _ 16GB and up to 70 minutes of capture on one charge
  • Waterproof _ waterproof down to 30 ft (9m) IP-68
  • EIS _ Electronic Image Stabilization available in the app during editing
  • Housing _ aerospace aluminium
  • Lens Cover _ sapphire glass
  • Per Camera Weight _ 12 grams
  • Charge Time _ 45 minutes for a full charge
  • Studio App _ ease of file transfer via Wi-Fi / Bluetooth connection from the Smart Egg to the OPKIX app on your smartphone

About OPKIX Inc.

Based in Southern California, OPKIX Inc has designed and has contract manufacturing facilities for assembling the OPKIX One hardware in Orange County, California. Since its inception in January 2016, the company has amassed a global roster of investors and celebrities’ unseen since icon brands such as Beats by Dre.

The company sold out of its soft launch pre-sale in days and now plans to announce their hard launch at their press event at CES 2019 at a private event they were hosting at The Palms on January 8th, 2019.

The OPKIX team is lead by CO-founder and CEO, C. Lawrence Greaves. A fellow investor also joins him in OPKIX, Bob McKnight founder and former CEO of Quiksilver.