Dragonfish DG-L35T

Autel to launch new Dragonfish DG-L35T thermal payload

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Autel Robotics looks to be readying to launch a new thermal payload for its fixed wing drone, the Dragonfish DG-L35T. The news comes as the mysterious DG-L35T hit the FCC’s database within the last week.

Looking at the information we have available to use, in the form of a product label and outline drawing of the product itself, we are able to tell what the new payload will be.

DG-L35T label

The label gives us the most valuable information, with the name of the payload, DG-L35T. DG tells us it’s for its Dragonfish series of fixed wing drones. Looking at L35T, we can tell by cross-referencing with previous payloads with the same naming scheme, DG-L20T and DG-L50T. L means it will have a laser range finder module, 35 means it will have an RGB sensor with 35x optical zoom, and the T means it will have a thermal sensor.

  • L = laser range finder
  • 35 = RGB sensor with 35x optical zoom
  • T = thermal sensor

DG-L35T diagram

The diagram doesn’t tell us much but does allow us to get a better understanding of the shape, which is very similar to the already released DG-L20T.

Source: FCCID.io