DJI Skypixel 9th contest 2024

DJI, SkyPixel announce 9th annual photo and video contest

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DJI and SkyPixel have announced the 9th annual SkyPixel photo and video contest with $200,000 in prizes to be won across nine categories for photo and video content.

SkyPixel contest info and judges

The contest started on November 7th, 2023 and will be eccepting submissions until February 2nd, 2024. The winners will be announced on March 19th, 2024 and will be judged by an impressive line up of judges, including:

  • Wen Huang, a World Press Photo judge and Senior Editor
  • Anne Farrar, Assistant Photography Chief Editor at National Geographic
  • Nan Li, the Photo Director of Southern Weekly
  • Daniel Kordan, a renowned landscape photographer
  • Michael Fitzmaurice, the Aerial Director of Photography of “Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle,”
  • Xiaoshi Zhao, known for his award-winning work on “Forever Enthralled.”
  • Bing Xi, a prominent figure in the Chinese TVC industry
  • Brandon Li, a celebrated filmmaker


DJI has shared that there will be 79 prizes across the nine categories, which span from a brand new DJI Inspire 3 and Hasselblad X2D 100C to a DJI Mavic 3 Pro, DJI Air 3, DJI Avata, DJI Osmo Pocket 3, DJI Osmo Action 4, and DJI Osmo Mobile 6.

Photo contest

The photo contest consists of four categories:

  • The Nature Category – A Force of Nature: Embrace the power and beauty of Mother Nature. Share deeply impactful moments of nature that encapsulate its grandeur.
  • The Architecture Category – Beauty in Design: Architecture is the marriage of art and innovation. Commemorate these feats of design by showcasing the buildings and structures that inspire creativity.
  • The Portrait Category – Portrait in the Sky: Portraits have a unique ability to captivate audiences like no other medium. Eternalise a moment and empower your subjects through a portrait that captures their very essence.
  • The Sports Category – More Than a Game: Capture the exhilarating world of sports, demonstrating the exciting moments and the profound significance your chosen sport holds in people’s lives.

Please note: All photos must be shot on a drone, and each image must be at least 3 MB with a resolution of at least 300 dpi. EXIF data should be retained.

Video contest

The video contest consists of five categories:

  • The Nature Category – A Force of Nature: Share moments of profound connection with the natural world and capture its breathtaking magnificence.
  • The City Category – Urban Inspiration: Explore how cities have transformative influence over their inhabitants, moulding perspectives and communities. 
  • The Travel Category –Explore Destinations: Take us on an unforgettable journey, channelling scenery, people, and your love for travel into captivating visual stories.
  • The Sports Category – More Than a Game: Capture the power, speed and beauty of sports and show the competitive spirit of going forward. 
  • Creative – Break the Mould: With no restrictions on subject matter, creators are encouraged to explore novel approaches in terms of creative concepts, narrative styles, and filming techniques.

Please note: All videos submitted must include no less than 30 seconds of shooting with DJI equipment.