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Insta360 Ace Pro action camera: AI, flip up display, Leica

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Ahead of Insta360’s new camera launch on 21st November, we have gotten an early look at its name, appearing to be Insta360 Ace Pro, the top features, and a remote that will be launching alongside it.

Insta360’s next action camera

Insta360 has put out a teaser for its next action camera, with the tagline ‘A New Force In Action.’ Both the A and the I have been highlighted suggesting this release will be focused on AI features to take the Insta360 Ace Pro to the next level. If you didn’t know that is the name, which we have already seen shared on the internet thanks to a regulatory listing was found by @quadro_news on X.

Insta360 Ace Pro features

AI features

First thing you notice on Isnta360’s website is the highlighted A and I in the tagline for the upcoming action camera. Putting them together creates AI. From this it appears that Insta360 is focusing on AI features for the Ace Pro, which can include everything from improved automatic compilation and clip creation to removing objects or people from scenes. We will have to wait and see what these features will be.

Poking fun at DJI and GoPro

Watching the teaser video, it looks like Insta360 is using two rough representations of the latest action cameras from GoPro and DJI, smashing them together and revealing a camera that likely combines the best of both with a touch of AI and a few notable features. We do not have confirmation of this.

Flip up display

In the video, we see what looks to be a display flip up from the rear of the camera. Have a flip up display is a great feature for those wanting to do vlog style videos or position the camera in a spot that you don’t have easy access to the rear of, like against a wall. Having a larger display is also beneficial over the small display on the front we’ve become used to over the last few action camera generations.

The display looks to use two clips, one on each side to lock it down when not being flipped up. There doesn’t look like there are any other buttons on the flip up display, meaning everything will be done via the touchscreen.

Leica engineering

For a short frame, there is a closeup shot of the lens which has the word Leica written above it. This is no surprise that the camera has been developed with the help from Leica as Insta360 has worked with them on a number of its previous cameras. This collaboration will ensure Leica’s camera expertise is combined with Insta360’s action camera expertise to create a great combination of both.

Interestingly, the shot of the Leica logo has it wrapping around the top of a circular lens, where in the last shot of the camera, it has a squarish lens. The squarish lens is likely a protective cover and can be replaced for ND filters, an anamorphic lens, and a super view lens.

…or there’s a second lens we can’t see and the Ace Pro is a 360 camera…

Other things to note

From the last shot of the upcoming camera at around the 22 second mark, we can see the rough design. Looking at the camera from the front, the lens is on the right side and the front display is on the left. We can’t see much of the front display at this stage. Interestingly the lens shares a similar design to that of the GoPro.

On the right side of the camera are two buttons. The top one looks to be a power/mode button and the button looks to open the side door to reveal the card slot and USB-C port. As we can’t tell if the door stops on the side or wraps around the bottom of the Ace Pro, there is a chance that this is the battery door.

Insta360 GPS remote

Beyond the new action camera, a new GPS remote from Insta360 showed up at the FCC yesterday. From the listing and the product name, ‘GPS Preview Remote,’ it appears that the company is planning to release a remote to go alongside the camera. Being a GPS preview remote, firstly it has a screen for remote viewing of the camera’s feed without the need for an app and secondly have GPS built-in allowing it to capture speed and location information for overlays.

Featured image source: cameracamera