DJI Agras T60 agriculture drones

DJI releases Agras T60: 60kg, improved nozzles, protection

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DJI has announced the Agras T60, its new flagship agricultural drone in China capable of spraying 50kg, spreading 60kg, and numerous upgrades and generational improvements. Agras T60 is being marketed alongside the previously released Agras T25P and looks to replace the Agras T50.

Improved power system

The Agras T60 has been given a higher-powered flight control system to support the larger 60kg payload capacity. Agras T60 uses 14028/95KV motors with an increased single-axis pulling force of 33%. High strength and durable 5.6″ or 14cm propellers.

New high-power ESCs capable of supplying 350 amps in operation. To power this new propulsion system is the new DB2100 intelligent flight battery with a capacity of 40Ah, a connector that supports up to 500Ah, and is rated for 1500 cycles.

The C10000P smart charger supports three-phase power and is rated for 9000W fast charging with a 1.5m charging cable. DJI’s D12500i generator can also be used to charge the batteries in 10 minutes with an AC output rated 1500W.

Upgraded spraying system

The spraying system is capable of a flow rate of 18 litres per minute and comes standard with a 50-litre tank with the option of a 60-litre tank if needed. By default the T60 comes with a dual nozzle configuration with the option to go with a four nozzle model designed to be used with fruit trees.

Spreading System 4.0

The Agras T60 spreading system has a maximum flow rate of 190kg/min and spreading width of 8 metres. A new modular auger system allows for different sized augers depending on the material being spread, anything from 10mm to 1mm grains and fertilisers can be spread using the system.

Security System 3.0

Agras T60 features DJI’s latest Security System 3.0 with an active phased array radar and new avionics computing module with 10x the computing power. The drone can now see up to 60 metres around itself, making it even more aware of its surroundings. Specifically, it can detect telephone poles and trees, with the ability to see diagonal cables in some environments.

A new fisheye FPV camera allows DJI to create a virtual gimballed camera using stabilisation algorithms. By doing so, Agras T60’s FPV camera can pan and tilt without needing a gimbal to do so.

The FPV camera is also capable of full colour low-light capture with the introduction of a new 75W lighting system, which also allows the drone to see obstacles up to 25 metres away.

Control and connectivity

Agras T60 uses DJI’s RC Plus remote with a large 7″ display with new backlit buttons for nighttime operations. It uses O4 transmission with the ability to work with 4G for complex operations.

The drone can now undertake multi-plot operations, flying between them to continue operating. Agras T60 can now turn on one side of its spraying system for smaller areas, as well as following the terrain in mountainous areas.

Agras T60 pricing

DJI Agras T60 is currently only available in China and comes in two packages, Flagship Package and Standard Package.

Flagship Package – ¥57,999 ~$8,200+

  • T60 drone
  • RC Plus controller
  • RTK module for RC Plus controller
  • Spreading system
  • Two batteries
  • Generator/charger

Standard Package – ¥54,999 ~$7,800+

  • T60 drone
  • RC Plus controller
  • RTK module for RC Plus controller
  • Spreading system
  • Two batteries
  • Charger