DJI Power 1000 500 battery stations

DJI Power 1000, Power 500 battery stations launch in China

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After leaking last week, DJI’s latest product line has been released in China, DJI Power 1000 and DJI Power 500 battery stations. The new battery stations allow DJI drones and other devices to be charged on the go and off-grid.

DJI Power 1000 & 500

Power and features

DJI Power 1000 supports a maximum output power 2200W. The battery capacity of the Power 1000 is 1024Wh and according to DJI, supports 99% of commonly used devices. DJI Power 500 supports a maximum output power of 1000W and has a capacity of 512Wh.

Power 1000 uses DJI’s Power SDC super-fast charging tech to quickly charge drone batteries, with some taking as little as 30 minutes. Using a 1200W fast charging mode, the Power 1000 can be fully charged in 70 minutes, with a slower 600W charging mode availablee. 0% to 50% only takes 50 minutes, with the remainder slowed down to protect the battery. Power 500 has the same 70-minute charging time but at a slower 540W fast charging, going from 0% to 100%.

Both models use DJI’s BMS that can prevent over current, over voltage, and over discharge. Both batteries use lithium iron phosphate cells and are rated for 3000 cycles. With high usage, DJI estimates this to be around a 10-year life span.

Charging devices

Power 1000 has dual 140W capable USB-C ports for charging accessories and batteries via a USB-C cable. Power 500 has slightly lower rated ports at 100W. Both units have a range of ports to make sure everything can be charged when required.

DJI Power 1000 features dual USB-A, dual AC power, one SDC interface, one SDC Lite interface, and dual 1/4″ threaded ports for solar panels, power supplies, adapters. Power 500 only have a single SDC Lite interface, no full SDC interface.

As mentioned with the port selection, both models support solar panel charging, which can be connected via an additional solar charging module. Car charging, using an adapter cable can also be done.

DJI currently has charging cables for the following drones to take advantage of the SDC fast charging. DJI Air 3, DJI Inspire 3, DJI Matrice 30 Series, DJI Mavic 3 Series, XT60, and a 12V car charger.

DJI Power pricing

DJI Power 1000 comes in at ¥3499, around $500 with the option to get a combo with one or three 120W solar panels for charging. DJI Power 500 comes in at an even lower price of ¥2099, around $300 and has a combo with one 120W solar panel for charging.