Autel Alpha enterprise drone

Autel Alpha drone receives FCC approval, US release

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Autel Alpha, the company’s enterprise drone similar in size to DJI’s Matrice 30 series has received FCC approval suggesting an international release is coming soon.

Autel Alpha enterprise drone

The Autel Alpha, white not released, was showed off during Autel’s Global Partner Summit where it also showed off the Autel Titan, another unreleased drone.

Autel Alpha is a large foldable drone that takes on a similar form factor to the Evo MAX series and DJI’s Matrice 30 series. According to Autel Pilot, Alpha features a 50MP wide angle camera, 4K 25x zoom camera, 640×512 thermal camera, and a 1.5km laser rangefinder.

The enterprise drone is set to have a 20km transmission range, a maximum flight time of 45 minutes, IP55 rating, anti-jamming capabilities, autonomous flight modes, modular payload system, AES-256 encryption, 360-dgree obstacle avoidance, and a 20m/s flight speed.

The exact release date for the Autel Alpha is currently unknown, but we expect to see it officially released in the United States in Q1 2024.

Source: FCC ID