BYD U8 drone edition

BYD U8 drone edition: eSUV with roof mounted DJI drone dock

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BYD, in partnership with DJI is turning concepts and patents into reality with its recently announced BYD U8 drone edition electric SUV, which features a roof mounted DJI Mavic 3 Pro drone dock.

BYD U8 drone edition

In a video shared on X (Twitter) earlier today by @DealsDrone, we get to see the first glimpse of the BYD U8 SUV with a drone landing in its roof-mounted drone docking station. Making it, what we’ve unofficially dubbed it as, the BYD U8 drone edition.

The BYD U8 and drone combo was showed off at a BYD’s Dream Day 2024 event showcasing the new high-tech car. The video starts with a subtitle that pops on screen, roughly translated into English, “Met Mr Wang by chance and looked up at the U8 drone“. For those that aren’t aware Mr Wang is the Founder, Chairman, and CEO of electric car company BYD (Build Your Dreams).

The BYD U8 features what looks to be a Mavic 3 Pro with a slightly different shell and arm supports to prevent the arms from being able to fold. The dock also looks to have a battery swapping system, with three spots for spare batteries in the dock.

The dock features a sleek compact design that spans the full length of the roof, with a similar shape to a roof-mounted tent or storage compartment. The top of the dock slides backwards to reveal the landing pad for the drone.


From the marketing video above, we can see the drone is used to scout 4WD routes ahead of the U8 to ensure they are safe and can be driven. The video also shows the drone being used to provide better situational awareness along with capturing photos and videos of the U8 in action. It is a DJI drone after all.

Inside the BYD U8

Taking a look at a photo from the inside of the BYD U8 drone edition, gives us a little more insight in how the DJI Mavic 3 Pro is controlled.

The photo shows the centre display of the U8 with what looks to be a BYD version of the DJI Fly app with all the usual status along the top, a large button in the centre under a photo of the drone.

Under the display is a DJI controller, one we haven’t seen before. It’s a new screenless model that is resembles what the Mavic controllers used to be. It also looks to have a spot to put your phone in.