DJI Building Blocks scenes historic moments

DJI Building Blocks captures its historic moments

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Previously teased, DJI has released what its calling DJI Building Blocks capturing historic moments in the company’s history, from the company’s Sky City HQ to the Inspire 1’s work in whale research.

DJI Building Blocks

DJI’s Building Blocks come in six variants, each representing an historic moment in the company’s history. Similarly to Lego these can be built, making for a fun DJI themed souvenir. This joins the Mavic Pro Platinum, DJI FPV, and RoboMaster S1 building blocks already available.

The first is DJI Sky City, which for those that aren’t aware is DJI’s new HQ. The building block captures the new HQ building with the skyline behind it. The second is the Mavic 3 flying over Mount Everest. An achievement to remember!

The third is the Inspire 1’s role in whale research when it was launched, capturing a whale jumping out of the water. The fourth is a movie scene pointing to the Ronin 4D changing the way scenes are filmed.

The fifth is a RoboMaster finals scene with two robots fighting it out for the win. The sixth relates to DJI’s always innovating attitude showing off the Phantom and FPV drones with a focus on R&D.

Building Blocks price

Each Building Block comes in at 119 CNY which works out to be around $17. Times by six and you are looking at around $100 for the complete set. It’s not likely this will be released outside of China. It would be cool to get our hands on these though!