ACSL SOTEN Japanese Remote ID drone

ACSL SOTEN, a Japanese NDAA compliant drone for the U.S.

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Japanese drone maker, ACSL has launched its ACSL SOTEN drone in the U.S. with support for Remote I.D. a number of improvements made since its initial announcement last year.


The ACSL SOTEN drone takes on DJI’s famous Mavic line with its key features being a focus on security, Remote I.D. suport, a hot-swappable camera module, BVLOS operations via LTE networks, and a maximum speed of 15m/s. And as a result being NDAA complaint.

Secure drone technology

The SOTEN’s security is line with the ISO15408 standard to prevent data leaks, extraction, and improve resistance to a bad actor connecting to the drone.

Major parts of the drone are domestically produced or produced by “highly reliable overseas sources.” What this exactly means, we don’t know. The company also says the data can be encrypted and managed in a Japanese-based cloud instance.

Hot-swappable camera

An exciting feature is the inclusion of a hot-swappable camera system. This allows the main 1″ 20MP payload to be swapped out for a thermal, multispectral, or zoom modules once released.

This makes it the first easy-to-swap camera module on a drone this size.

The company is currently developing a mount that will allow the camera payload to be mounted to the top of the drone, allowing it to easily inspect objects above the drone.


ACSL SOTEN can be controlled via an LTE link, enabling beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) operations to take place in remote or dangerous environments.

Remote I.D. & NDAA compliance

A full list of the specs can be found on ACSL’s website. While these specs are important, the introduction of it into the U.S. is important. The STOTEN is compatible with Remote I.D. while also being NDAA compliance.

Not being a Chinese company targeted by the U.S> means the ACSL STATON won’t be placed on the National Defense Authorization banned list. This makes ACSL a great alternative to American-made drones and should expand the drone options for those not wanting to touch Chinese companies.