DJI data breach

DJI reportedly targeted in data breach, 50K users hit

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Reports are starting to emerge of a data breach amongst several global companies, with drone maker DJI included. The group, Mogilevich, which have taken credit for the attack also breached Epic Games, Shien, Kick.

UPDATE: The group behind the supposed data breach, have come out and said there was no data breach, but rather it is a scam. Specifically, targeting those that are interested in buying data from the “breached” companies. With an individual said to have spent $85,000 on DJI’s data.

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DJI data breach

According to a post shared on Reddit, just over 50,000 customer accounts have been compromised (56,502 exactly), suggesting passwords have been taken. 21 DJI employees have been compromised, along with 38 3rd party employees.

The breach is said to be 1TB in size and contain the above-mentioned data along with private projects.

It is recommended, that if you have a DJI account to immediately change your password to avoid unauthorised access to your account.

What’s next?

DJI has been given a deadline of March 10th to get in touch with the hacking group to prevent the sale of the data. Which appears to up for sale for the right price to the right buyer.

DJI are yet to respond to these reports and have not confirmed if the information is true. We will continue to monitor the situation closely and share any updates we may have.