DJI RS 4 Pro gimbal FCC

DJI RS 4, RS 4 Pro gimbals hit the FCC ahead of release

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DJI’s next gimbals are coming soon, with the DJI RS 4 and DJI RS 4 Pro gimbals showing up at the FCC today, ahead of a likely Q2 2024 release date.

DJI RS 4 & RS 4 Pro

DJI’s two new gimbals alongside a new Focus Pro Grip, Focus Pro Motor, and Focus Pro Hand Unit showed up at the FCC earlier today.

DJI RS 4 has the FCC code 2ANDR-P14C23, while the DJI RS 4 Pro has the code 2ANDR-P04P23. To those that know DJI’s FCC code SS3, these have a different one as they fall under DJI Osmo Technology, a separate brand to DJI’s drone business.

From the listings, we know the DJI RS 4 will feature a 3000mAh 21.6Wh battery and the RS 4 Pro will feature a 1950mAh 30.03Wh battery. Both are the same as the current 3rd RS generation of gimbals.

Release date

When DJI products show up at the FCC, it often means they are likely to be released within the next two months.

This is also backed up by the confidentiality request put in by DJI with a release date of 31/08/2024, which is often a few months after the product is released.

DJI is yet to tease a release date for these new gimbals, but when it does we will be sure to let you know.