DJI Pocket 3 first look

DJI Pocket 3, first look at branding, larger display

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DJI Pocket 3 has received its first close up leak with shots of its branding on the camera gimbal as well as the previously rumoured larger display.

DJI Pocket 3 display

The most exciting of the two leaks, is the close up shot of the new larger display. Previous Pocket models has a small squarish display matching the width of the Pocket’s body. This time around DJI has chosen to stick with a more standard aspect ratio for horizontal video.

The display is also considerably larger, making for easier viewing and framing while filming. We can’t tell from this leak, but the screen being able to rotate around would be a great addition for vlogging style filming.

DJI Pocket 3 branding

The second image is a close up of the side of the Pocket 3, giving us a glimpse of the lens and sensor, from which we can’t tell much from. More interestingly, in the corner of the image we can see the Pocket 3 branding. This confirms DJI is sticking with the simplified Pocket branding, rather than Osmo Pocket.

This also marks the first time we’ve seen the Pocket 3 branding on a leaked image. Take a look at the previous Pocket 3 leak we took a look at last month.

Source @quadro_news