DJI Pocket 3

DJI Pocket 3 to feature larger display according to leak

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DJI Pocket 3 is expected to launch with a larger display than previous Pocket versions, ensuring the subject is always in frame. The display could potentially rotate for a vlog-style setup.

DJI Pocket 3 display

Looking at the image, we can see what looks to be the DJI Pocket 3 mounted to a tripod overlooking a beach. Looking at the Pocket 3, the body appears to be similar to the Pocket 2 and Pocket with two standout differences.

The main one is the size of the display. The display is more of a standard aspect ratio and extends beyond the edge of the Pocket 3’s body. This larger display will make viewing what the camera see’s easier as well as watching over footage already captured. It will be interesting to see if this larger display can also rotate for vlog setups.

Not as noticeable is the camera itself. The actual payload looks to be slightly larger than the Pocket 2, suggesting a larger sensor is coming with the Pocket 3.

DJI Pocket 3 also appeared in the DJI Mimo app earlier in the month, suggesting a launch is coming soon, within the next few months. Along with the unreleased Osmo Mobile 7.

Source: @Quadro_News