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What is DJI Avinox? We asked Google Bard what it thinks

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Last month, our team found reference to DJI Avinox in the Chinese trademark registry, but from the broad covering good class we aren’t 100% sure on what Avinox will be.

So, we asked Google Bard to see what its prediction would be.

Important: This is nothing more than speculation and AI using publicly accessible data sources to produce an answer which could be incorrect. Due to the speculatory nature of the articles written on Avinox, Bard is more likely to produce an answer of a similar nature.

What is DJI Avinox?

First, we asked Google Bard “what is dji avinox?” to see if the answer we got was relevant to DJI at all. And it was. This is what Bard shared:

The DJI Avinox is a mysterious new product from DJI that was first discovered in a trademark registration in the Chinese Trademark Database in September 2023. There is no official information about the Avinox yet, but there is a lot of speculation among drone enthusiasts about what it could be.

Taken from Google Bard

This summarises what us and our friends at DroneXL wrote about Avinox when it was first discovered. Nothing of much interest there.

We then asked Bard, “what do you think dji avinox will be?” to see if it would give us a prediction, and it did. Bard thinks DJI Avinox is likely to be one of two products. A new FPV drone or a new pair of FPV goggles. Bard had the following to say on the FPV drone.

I think the DJI Avinox is most likely to be a new FPV drone. DJI has been a leader in the FPV drone market for many years, and they are constantly innovating. The Avinox could be a new FPV drone with a more powerful motor, longer flight time, and higher quality camera than any of their previous drones.

Taken from Google Bard

And added the rest talking about the possibility of a new pair of DJI Goggles.

Another possibility is that the Avinox is a new pair of FPV goggles. DJI’s current FPV goggles, the DJI FPV Goggles V2, are already some of the best on the market. However, there is always room for improvement. The Avinox goggles could have a higher resolution display, lower latency, and a more comfortable fit.

Taken from Google Bard

Source: Google Bard