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DJI working on new drone, Avinox, FPV Goggles

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DJI appears to be working on two new products expected to release in 2024, a new drone, which we know little about, and a new pair of FPV Goggles.

In the process of finding the existence of the Mini 4 Pro in the DJI Fly app, we came across two other product codes not linked to any names. However, based on the codes we can tell what the two new products will likely be.

UPDATE: DJI Avinox is DJI’s first electric bike powertrain, releasing with Amflow’s e-MTB.

DJI Goggles

Starting with the one we know most about, DJI appears to be working on a new pair of FPV Goggles, codenamed zv902. How do we know zv902 means a new pair of Goggles? Looking at the previous two pairs of FPV Goggles, we can assume based on the following.

  • zv900 = DJI Goggles 2
  • zv901 = DJI Goggles Integra
  • zv902 = DJI Goggles X

DJI’s mysterious drone

The next product we know is a drone but aren’t 100% sure which drone it is going to be. With the code wa520, we can tell DJI is working on a new drone, as it has a similar code to the upcoming Mini 4 Pro and Air 3, which have the following codes.

Why aren’t we sure which drone it is? All the other products listed in the DJI Fly app have codes that are in order and increment each other, take the DJI Goggle codes listed above as an example. This could mean a new product line is coming, we will touch on this in the next section.

DJI also previously used wmXXX for all of its previous consumer drones, with waXXX being introduced with the Air 3. The Mavic 3 series uses wm260, so 520 doesn’t match up with it either.

There is a possibility that DJI is already working on a Mini 4 non-Pro version for release after the Mini 4 Pro. But this doesn’t make sense to us.

DJI Avinox

UPDATE: DJI Avinox is DJI’s first electric bike powertrain, releasing with Amflow’s e-MTB.

While looking through, China’s trademark registry, we came across a new trademark submission from DJI, for a word we can’t find attached to any previous DJI product.

The trademark listing is for the word Avinox and is still pending examination as it was filed only last month. The class of goods DJI has place Avinox under is 12, which relates to the following items:

  • Motorized vehicles for land, air, water or rail use
  • Electric vehicles
  • Torque converters for land vehicles
  • Transmissions for land vehicles
  • Electric motors for land vehicles
  • Reduction gears for land vehicles
  • Drive shafts for land vehicles
  • Mopeds
  • Electric bicycles
  • Bicycle motors
  • Bicycle tires
  • Braking devices for vehicles

With the listing being broad, covering both drones, electric vehicle components, and bicycle components, to us it suggests one of three things. Avinox is either a new drone line coming, a new FPV air unit, or a component of DJI’s automotive branch.