Tanky Drone interview

Tanky Drone interview w/ founder Bogdan

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We recently got the chance to interview one of the creators behind Tanky Drone! We spoke to Bogdan, the co-designer of the Tanky Drone. We have a video of the full video on our YouTube channel. Here we will go over a few key points from the original video.

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1. Why did you create Tanky Drone?

Bogdan explained that Tanky Drone was a passion project that started when he was creating his own custom drone. He the went on to realising, along with his co-designer, Yuki, that the rest of the world should have the opportunity to get their hands on the drone.

2. How is it different?

Tanky Drone is currently the only known drone that has a tilt-able camera that lets you race at different speeds. The drone is also created out of injection moulded plastic, which is not only extremely tough but it is also used in bullet-proof glass.

Bogdan told dronenr.com.au that drone racing is a cheap way to get the joy of an extreme sport without putting yourself in harm’s way. He also explained that drone racing reminded him of motocross as they are both high action, intense sports.

4. What does the future hold for drone racing?

Bogdan explained that currently, we are not utilising the drones enough. In a drone racing event, the Liberty Cup drone race. They had placed gates on the sides of buildings, which allows the pilots to be challenged and adding a 3D aspect to the race as drone racing is usually along the ground.

Tanky Drone is planning an Indiegogo campaign and needs your support to help fund it. Back them today!