Everdrone makes first autonomous drone delivery in Sweden

Everdrone makes first autonomous drone delivery in Sweden

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Everdrone, the autonomous drone software creator has just had their first autonomous drone delivery between 2 hospitals in Sweden this month. The drone wasn’t able to use any GPS to land and was forced to use it’s onboard vision systems due to the area the being surrounded by tall buildings.

The drone traveled a total of 4.4km between Sahlgrenska hospital and Molondal hospital in Gothenburg, Sweden. The flight was made possible thanks to the ‘first of it’s kind’ permit which was given to Everdrone by the Swedish Transport Authority. The flight was only made possible by the drones onboard sensors navigating in a non-GPS environment between the tall buildings. The drone was equipped with 7 different safety features including stereo cameras for 360-degree object avoidance, an ADS-B receiver to detect near aircraft and an onboard and remote black box, logging all of the flight data.

The flight was in partnership with the Innovation Platform who are bringing the healthcare, academia and the life science industry together. This flight comes as part of the research the companies are conducting as a possible means of transport for organs between hospitals. A statement from Everdrone’s CEO states that the flight was a big step in the right direction and is only the beginning of their project.

A major step forward in turning the concept into reality was taken last week when we successfully performed a number of fully autonomous drone flights in fully realistic environments – Mats Sallstrom, Everdrone CEO

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