Parrot is leaving the consumer drone market

Parrot is leaving the consumer drone market

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Drone maker Parrot is leaving the drone market to shift their focus entirely on commercial drones. This news comes a few years after Parrot the removal of their toy grade drones on their website. In a statement by Wirecutter Parrot have officially announced it will be pulling out of the consumer drone market to focus on drones made for the commercial world. Parrot plan to keep making its ANAFI and Bluegrass Fields series of drones, which are used in various commercial applications.

The ANAFI series consists of 5 drone models ranging from standard vision cameras to dual thermal and standard vision cameras with some models have enhanced range and batteries. The ANAFI is becoming a go-to choice for many first responders and firefighters shown in a recent blog post on the companies website where Deputy Chief Fire Officer of the Seine et Marne department explains the reasons for choosing the ANAFI over other drones. The Parrot Bluegrass Fields will also stick around for the customers needing 3D maps and crop analysis.

Amazon currently has the Parrot Airborne Night Minidrone for a low $24.45 (AUD$36) with prices on all Parrot’s consumer drones expected to lower even more over the next few months as stock is slowly removed from the eCommerce giants facilities.

The most likely reason for Parrot to leave the consumer drone market is the money involved with an estimated $83 billion to be invested in the commercial/civil and military area of drones while only $17 billion to be in the consumer drone market.

.@wirecutter got official confirmation today that @Parrot is indeed pulling out of the mini drone market. Websites like Amazon have slowly been running out of stock. We’ll be retiring the Mambo and Swing as our top picks and testing new drones soon.

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