Spain is using drones to monitor bad drivers

Spain is using drones to monitor bad drivers

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Spanish authorities will be implementing new traffic drones to monitor driver’s behaviors and catch those breaking laws in the act. The drones will be flying around known traffic hotspots and accident ridden areas.

The news comes after the Spanish traffic authority announced they will be implementing 11 drones into their traffic management system with 20 more drones on their way. The drones will be used to monitor driver’s behavior on the road, taking photos when offenses have been committed and to monitor situations that might become an issue. The drones will also be used to support Spain’s emergency services.

The drones will first be deployed in the Canaries where Spain’s traffic authority currently doesn’t have helicopters in place to monitor, a short time after the drones will be deployed to wherever they are required said a DGT spokesman.

“In the early days of August, the three [certified] drones will be in the Canaries, where we don’t have helicopters, so we can cover things. After that they’ll be sent wherever they’re needed. There’s no set plan yet. The other eight will also be deployed wherever they’re needed depending on traffic flows.” – DGT Spokesman

Drones are being used around the world to support emergency services and police as due to the benefits they bring to teams. Drones can get to the scene much fast than units on the ground, they can capture valuable data, provide surveillance at a lower cost than helicopters and so much more depending on payloads attached to the drone.

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