Drone Racing League’s first public racing drone hits Kickstarter

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The wildly successful Drone Racing League has just launched a Kickstarter allowing the public to get their hands on their very own DRL Racer4 Street drone. The launch comes after many requests from viewers wanting to buy the previous Racer3 drone used in DRL’s events.

DRL states the Racer3 wouldn’t be useful to the community so it instead took the DNA from its racing drones and combined with community suggestions to make the Racer4 Street. Dubbed ‘the drone for everyone’ DRL claims you will be able to fly it crash it and repair it quickly. The Racer4 Street is estimated to ship April 2020 and will only be available in the United States. UPDATE: DRL has now opened deliveries up to the world.

From the video, we can see Racer4 Street comes with 100 LED’s in comparison of 1000 LED’s found on DRL’s professional drones, an FPV camera and a GoPro Hero Session mount. The drone will be using 2510 Stators 1250K motors, HQ 7x4x3 PC propellers and a 21V 5S 2200MAH 70C Thurnderpower Li-Po battery.

The DRL Racer4 Street can be ordered for $599 (AUD$894) which will get you the above-mentioned specs plus dShot ESC’s, F4 Flight controller running BetaFlight 4 w/ OSD and a TBS Nano VTX.

DRL wants to share every step of the process with the community and giving a free copy of the DRL Simulator with every drone bought, hopefully keeping your drone in the sky for longer.

At DRL, we are constantly designing and testing to create the technology that powers our sport. We want to share our process on how we design, iterate and develop our drones. This includes what decisions we make, how we go about testing, our successes and failures. And, when you get the DRL Racer4 Street, it’ll come with complimentary access to the DRL Simulator, which will teach you how to fly FPV in real life, so you can start racing like the pros in no time. – DRL

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